Know how

Wide range of mycorrhizal fungi species
Mycointech works with a wide range of isolated species of mycorrhizae fungi, carefully selected for their potential of adaptation and multiplication in most conditions including crops of tropical and temperate climates.

Multiplication system
We perform an optimized and protocolled multiplication system (substrates/plants/fungi) that enables an achievement of high spore concentration.

Spore separation and concentration
An important issue in our microbial preparations is the use of advanced technology (no grinding) for the separation and concentration of spores. This enables us to introduce, to the market, a product with a sufficient margin for further formulation with other commodities without being overly diluted, hence more economically efficient.

In Mycointech we develop personalized formulations (tablets, root-dip, ultrafine powder, granular, etc.) according to intended end use or required application. The products are based on different concentrations and combinations of arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi, ectomycorrhizae fungi, and plant growth promotion rhizobacteria.