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Mycointech uses a proprietary “In vivo” system of production to cultivate the highest quality AM fungi available.

Personalized formulations: Tablets, root-dip, ultrafine powder, granular…

While this is a laborious and time consuming technology, it has proven in practice to be the absolute best way to colonize field crops.

This is for the simple fact that it allows the obtaining of propagules which are able to better adapt to the field conditions and to form a symbiotic relationship with treated plants. Spores obtained by “in vivo” reproduction are demonstrably stronger, with a larger and longer duration and field efficiency than spores obtained by multiplying “in vitro”. These characteristics make up for the exhaustive processes plus the environmental and phytosanitary controls made during the treatment of the crops.

Production Method

At Mycointech we carry out an extensive proliferation of mycorrhizae fungi using an improved traditional technology “in vivo”, ie. on trap plants (host plants used in trap culture of arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi). We reproduce these beneficial fungi and collect their spores. All processes are carried out under strict environmental and phytosanitary controls. The proprietary innovations built into our production system yield a very high spore concentration.

Cornerstone of each product

These spores are the fundamental base of all our formulations and are the fungal structures responsible for producing new generations of mycorrhizae plants. The products also contain other “propagules” or infective components able to form mycorrhizae symbiosis in new plants as vesicles and fungal mycelium and pieces of colonized roots.


Wide range of mycorrhizal fungi

Mycointech works with a wide range of isolated species of mycorrhizae fungi, carefully selected for their potential of adaptation and multiplication in most conditions including crops of tropical and temperate climates.


We perform an optimized and protocolled multiplication system (substrates, plants or fungi) that enables an achievement of high spore concentration.

Spore separation and concentration

Use of advanced technology (no grinding) for the separation and concentration of spores. This enables us to introduce a product with a sufficient margin for further formulation with other commodities without being overly diluted.

Personalized formulations

According to intended end use or required application, based on different concentrations and combinations of arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi, ectomycorrhizae fungi, and plant growth promotion rhizobacteria.

Each batch of a finished product is analyzed by an authorized and certified independent laboratory

The identification and purification of isolated species of arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi that are used in the pure starting inoculum is performed In the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Morton, who has managed a large culture collection of these microbes for more tan 25 years and perfomerd innumerable tests to ensure quality control. Each batch of a finished product is analyzed for content and quality in independent blind tests. Once results are obtained, a certificate…

Each batch of a finished product is analyzed by an authorized independent laboratory under supervision of Dr. Joseph B. Morton. A certificate of quality and compliance is supplied with each product shipped.

Moreover, Mycointech can supply OMRI listed products for usage in organic production.

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